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Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter pattern analyst for the Miami Metro Police also leads a secret life as a serial killer, hunting down criminals who have slipped through the cracks of justice.
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Remember the Monsters?

#1 - Remember the Monsters?

Season 8, Episode 12, 9/22/2013
Season 8 and the series conclude with Dexter facing impossible odds. With a hurricane threatening Miami, Dexter becomes determined to end things.
Monkey in a Box

#2 - Monkey in a Box

Season 8, Episode 11, 9/15/2013
Dexter is torn between fleeing the country with Hannah and Harrison, and taking Saxon out once and for all.
Goodbye Miami

#3 - Goodbye Miami

Season 8, Episode 10, 9/8/2013
Dexter enlists Dr. Vogel's help to lure the Brain Surgeon to a location in order to get him on the table. Later, an important person in Dexter's life is murdered before his eyes.
Make Your Own Kind of Music

#4 - Make Your Own Kind of Music

Season 8, Episode 9, 8/25/2013
Dexter investigates a murder that hits close to home. Meanwhile, Dr. Vogel gets the surprise of her life when someone from her past returns.
A Little Reflection

#5 - A Little Reflection

Season 8, Episode 6, 8/4/2013
Dexter monitors a young psychopath to see if he is suited for his table. Dexter and Debra finally get back to normal, but are surprised by his ex, Hannah.
Dress Code

#6 - Dress Code

Season 8, Episode 7, 8/11/2013
Dexter hunts down Hannah to figure out why she’s back in Miami. Dexter also takes on a protégé and starts teaching him the Code.
Every Silver Lining...

#7 - Every Silver Lining...

Season 8, Episode 2, 7/7/2013
Miami Metro continues their hunt for the Brain Surgeon, while Dr. Vogel enlists Dexter to do her bidding based on her own personal experience with her previous patients. Debra continues to track down her PI case and has to take matters into her own hands.
Are We There Yet?

#8 - Are We There Yet?

Season 8, Episode 8, 8/18/2013
Dexter tracks down his protégé in the belief that he murdered his neighbor. Meanwhile, Dexter tries to help Hannah escape the country.
Scar Tissue

#9 - Scar Tissue

Season 8, Episode 4, 7/21/2013
Dexter tracks down another potential serial killer from Dr. Vogel’s list. Quinn celebrates his passing of the Sergeant’s exam by defending Debra’s honor in a fight. Dr. Vogel begins treating Debra for her PTSD.
This Little Piggy

#10 - This Little Piggy

Season 8, Episode 5, 7/28/2013
Dr. Vogel gets abducted by the Brain Surgeon, while Dexter and Debra try and rescue her. Masuka finds out he has a daughter.
What's Eating Dexter Morgan?

#11 - What's Eating Dexter Morgan?

Season 8, Episode 3, 7/14/2013
Dexter continues his manhunt for the Brain Surgeon. Dr. Vogel tries to prove to Dexter that he’s perfect as a psychopath. Debra’s PTSD kicks in and she makes a desperate plea to confess to LaGuerta’s murder.
Sin of Omission

#12 - Sin of Omission

Season 6, Episode 8, 11/20/2011
Dexter uses lessons he learned from Brother Sam to follow up on some new leads in the Doomsday investigation; Debra butts heads with Captain LaGuerta over the case of a dead call girl.
Our Father

#13 - Our Father

Season 3, Episode 1, 9/28/2008
Dexter has put his life back together but things may fall apart soon. His new victim is also being targeted by Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado. Deb has to decide how to handle Internal Affairs, as they want her to turn on her new partner.
Do the Wrong Thing

#14 - Do the Wrong Thing

Season 7, Episode 6, 11/4/2012
Debra gets to know a local crime writer who's dug up some incriminating dirt on Hannah McKay (Dexter's newest obsession). Quinn gets an offer he tries to refuse and Batista is drawn to a new business opportunity. LaGuerta keeps digging into the Bay Harbor Butcher case.
It's Alive!

#15 - It's Alive!

Season 2, Episode 1, 9/30/2007
Things are really beginning to heat up for Dexter: Doakes' suspicions about him are growing, his victims are escaping, and his body dump site has been found. Meanwhile Paul is troubling Rita over the missing shoe and Debra is going through trauma over the Ice Truck killer incident.

#16 - Nebraska

Season 6, Episode 7, 11/13/2011
Dexter finds himself teamed up with a fellow Dark Passenger when he takes a road trip to Nebraska to tie up some loose ends from the past; Debra deals with the complications of her promotion as she leads the Doomsday investigation.
Sí Se Puede

#17 - Sí Se Puede

Season 3, Episode 6, 11/2/2008
Dexter tests Miguel to see if he is on his dark-side job. Rita questions her career path after being fired from her job. Debra believes she in some way caused another homicide while working on her current case.
Blinded by the Light

#18 - Blinded by the Light

Season 4, Episode 3, 10/11/2009
Dexter is hampered by his neighborhood's increased vigilance due to vandalism, his temporary inability to drive himself anywhere, and his admiration for the killing technique of the artful Trinity Killer.
Ricochet Rabbit

#19 - Ricochet Rabbit

Season 6, Episode 10, 12/4/2011
Dexter tries to figure out the Doomsday Killers' next victim before it's too late; Debra has a strong reaction to a crime scene, which leads her to the realization that she leans too heavily on her brother.
The Angel of Death

#20 - The Angel of Death

Season 6, Episode 5, 10/30/2011
With the help of his newfound friend Brother Sam, Dexter wonders if there is light within him to counter the darkness, while the search for the Doomsday Killers takes him in a new direction; Batista and Quinn pay a visit to the university where Professor Gellar taught; due to departmental regulations following the shooting, Debra is forced to begin therapy.
Popping Cherry

#21 - Popping Cherry

Season 1, Episode 3, 10/15/2006
"The Ice Truck Killer" strikes again and new homicide officer Debra is assigned the case, but she gets reprimanded for violating the chain of command; flashbacks offer insight into Dexter's homicidal tendencies and take him back to his first time "taking out the garbage"; Doakes gets on the bad side of a drug kingpin.
All in the Family

#22 - All in the Family

Season 3, Episode 4, 10/19/2008
Ramon's career may be in jeopardy due to his obsession with Oscar's killer. Meanwhile, Dexter does a great job in keeping Ramon off balance by manipulation. Deb refuses to "be a rat" after Internal Affairs presses her to come up with more dirt on Quinn. Also, Rita and Dexter decide it's time to tell the children about her "condition," and Angel's quest for companionship nearly get's him in deep water.
Those Kinds of Things

#23 - Those Kinds of Things

Season 6, Episode 1, 10/2/2011
Dexter shows up at his 20th high-school reunion with the intention of confronting the former prom king. Elsewhere, an investigation into a heinous murder with religious overtones leads Dexter to ponder spiritual matters and wonder about his son's legacy. And an unexpected situation results in Debra becoming a hero.

#24 - Crocodile

Season 1, Episode 2, 10/8/2006
As Dexter stalks his next victim, a drunk driver who is about to be acquitted for vehicular homicide that resulted in the death of a teenage boy, the Ice Truck Killer strikes again and later gets in touch with Dexter. Meanwhile, when a cop is found murdered, Dexter helps Doakes and Debra investigate a crime boss who they believe is responsible.
Finding Freebo

#25 - Finding Freebo

Season 3, Episode 2, 10/5/2008
Debra and the homicide unit, Dexter and ADA Miguel Prado are all searching for the same serial killer, who is responsible for the death of Prado's younger brother. Meanwhile at home, Dexter is faced with a decision to make concerning Rita and her kid

#26 - Chemistry

Season 7, Episode 7, 11/11/2012
Quinn falls back into his old ways as he makes some questionable choices to protect Nadia. Things heat up as Dexter and Hannah grow closer, but when Sal Price discovers the two are involved, he wants the exclusive story.
Living the Dream

#27 - Living the Dream

Season 4, Episode 1, 9/27/2009
Six months after the season finale, Dexter is now living with three kids and a wife in a new home. Along with his new son Harrison, the complexities of being a suburban father of three is making it difficult for Dexter to concentrate on his work. His lack of sleep leads him to let a murderer walk by bringing the wrong documents to court and causes him to get into a car crash. Now retired Agent Lundy has returned to finally capture the mythical "Trinity Killer" who has arrived in Miami.
Turning Biminese

#28 - Turning Biminese

Season 3, Episode 5, 10/26/2008
As Dexter struggles when Rita pushes to move in together before getting married, Miguel tells Dexter that a husband has murdered his two wives for a financial gain and gotten away with it. Dexter finds this to be the perfect candidate to get away and satisfy that dark urge which every man with relationship pressures go through. Dexter tracks the murderer to Bimini. While he is on the hunt, Rita disappears due to a medical emergency. Meanwhile, Debra works with Anton, her confidential informant to track down one of Freebo’s criminal confidants. But Oddly enough Debra finds herself attracted to Anton.
Once Upon a Time...

#29 - Once Upon a Time...

Season 6, Episode 2, 10/9/2011
Brother Sam, a minister with a criminal history, is brought in by the homicide department to help solve a macabre murder, but Dexter sees him for what he really is, and it's definitely not a man of God. Elsewhere, Debra's sudden hero status elicits a pair of surprising proposals.
A Beautiful Day

#30 - A Beautiful Day

Season 8, Episode 1, 6/30/2013
It’s been 6 months since LaGuerta’s murder – and Dexter is still managing life as a dad, brother, and serial killer. Debra now works as a PI for a private firm and Batista has replaced her as Lieutenant. Meanwhile, Miami Metro investigates the murder of a man who has had pieces of his brain removed.
Swim Deep

#31 - Swim Deep

Season 7, Episode 5, 10/28/2012
While trying to uncover why someone was killed on his boat, Dexter must out-maneuver a vengeful Isaak. New leads are brought to light on the Wayne Randall case by Hannah McKay, Randall's alluring former accomplice who Dexter discovers has a secret.
Helter Skelter

#32 - Helter Skelter

Season 7, Episode 9, 11/25/2012
As Dexter scrambles to track down Isaak, a power struggle erupts among the Koshka Brotherhood, which could prove to Dexter's advantage. Meanwhile, Miami Dade tries to smoke out the Phantom Arsonist.
The Lion Sleeps Tonight

#33 - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Season 3, Episode 3, 10/12/2008
Dexter and a pedophile have a run-in; Dexter is unable to restore Freebo's good name after he is accused of a murder he didn't commit. Also, Dexter's friendship with Miguel weighs on his mind.
Hello, Bandit

#34 - Hello, Bandit

Season 5, Episode 2, 10/3/2010
Dexter tries to focus on the children and fight his dark urges; Debra ends up on Quinn's doorstep.
Sunshine and Frosty Swirl

#35 - Sunshine and Frosty Swirl

Season 7, Episode 2, 10/7/2012
Miami Metro sets out to unearth new evidence on a claim from a local convict that he has new information regarding a 15-year-old crime spree; Debra tries to cure Dexter of his killer tendencies.
Waiting to Exhale

#36 - Waiting to Exhale

Season 2, Episode 2, 10/7/2007
Dexter is finding it hard to have closure on killing his brother. There is a new FBI agent to head the "Bay Harbor Butcher" case. Debra is finding it tough to put the past behind her.
Circle Us

#37 - Circle Us

Season 5, Episode 7, 11/7/2010
Dexter is called to investigate a horrifying crime scene; the Santa Muerte case leads to a violent standoff between Debra and the Santa Muerte killers.
The Dark Defender

#38 - The Dark Defender

Season 2, Episode 5, 10/28/2007
Dexter finds out that the man who killed his mother, right in front of him, is still alive. When he tells this to Lila, she suggests he face the man, as part of his road to addiction recovery. But then as his sponsor she insists on tagging along.
Dex, Lies, and Videotape

#39 - Dex, Lies, and Videotape

Season 2, Episode 6, 11/4/2007
A copy-cat killer follows the lead of the "Bay Harbor Butcher." Dexter must destroy an incriminating surveillance video.

#40 - Run

Season 7, Episode 4, 10/21/2012
After capturing a deadly killer, things go awry for Miami Metro, sending Debra into a tailspin. In an effort to help his sister, Dexter enters into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, while the Ukrainian mob continues to seek revenge.
Father Knows Best

#41 - Father Knows Best

Season 1, Episode 9, 11/26/2006
While on a weekend getaway with Rita, his sister and her new beau, Dexter learns that his biological father, thought to be dead for 30 years, has just passed away, and that he's willed his son everything he owned.
First Blood

#42 - First Blood

Season 5, Episode 5, 10/24/2010
Dexter is saddled with an unwanted conspirator; Dexter worries about how Rita's death will affect Harrison; Deb works alone; Quinn enlists an old friend's help.
The Dark... Whatever

#43 - The Dark... Whatever

Season 7, Episode 10, 12/2/2012
Dexter is unnerved when Hannah's father pays him a surprise visit; the Phantom Arsonist's crimes become more vicious; and Quinn defends Nadia's honor and finds himself in a volatile situation. Meanwhile; LaGuerta asks a former superior for help on the Bay Harbor Butcher case.

#44 - See-Through

Season 2, Episode 4, 10/21/2007
Rita's estranged mother visits and senses something is wrong with Dexter. Masuka thinks he's developed a lead in the Bay Harbor Butcher case, which has Dexter concerned. Angel's interrogation of a witness crosses a line.
Talk to the Hand

#45 - Talk to the Hand

Season 6, Episode 11, 12/11/2011
Dexter finds that in order to catch the Doomsday Killers, he must create a macabre tableau of his own; Debra's battle with LaGuerta over the case of the dead call girl boils over, and her therapist makes an unnerving suggestion.
Love American Style

#46 - Love American Style

Season 1, Episode 5, 10/29/2006
The homicide division is handed an unbelievable lead when the Ice Truck Killer's latest victim is found alive but mutilated; Dexter is on the trail of a person who traffics in humans.
Buck the System

#47 - Buck the System

Season 7, Episode 3, 10/14/2012
Dexter tries to bring Debra on board with his new target. While the Ukrainian mob seeks revenge for the killing of one of their own, Quinn grows close to a dancer at their strip club.
Smokey and the Bandit

#48 - Smokey and the Bandit

Season 6, Episode 3, 10/16/2011
Dexter is confronted with a sobering glimpse of his own potential future when a serial killer from his past makes a startling reappearance; Debra is uncomfortable in her new job; Travis struggles to keep his mentor happy, as he and Gellar prepare a new twisted tableau, ensuring Debra's next task will be a daunting one.
Go Your Own Way

#49 - Go Your Own Way

Season 3, Episode 10, 11/30/2008
A series of chess-like moves ensues when Dexter and Miguel vie for the upper hand, with Miguel winning Rita's affection by presenting her with a lavish wedding gift. Elsewhere, Debra wonders if her relationship with Anton is worth the trouble.
Do You Take Dexter Morgan?

#50 - Do You Take Dexter Morgan?

Season 3, Episode 12, 12/14/2008
It is the day before Dexter's wedding and Dexter must deal with two people targeting him, while preparing for his special occasion. Meanwhile, Angel tells Deb he's put her in for a promotion, but after he finds out some information her shield may be gone before she gets it.
Circle of Friends

#51 - Circle of Friends

Season 1, Episode 7, 11/12/2006
The squad identifies the Ice Truck Killer; Rita's ex-husband, an abusive addict, is paroled.
Easy as Pie

#52 - Easy as Pie

Season 3, Episode 7, 11/9/2008
Dexter angers Miguel when he says no to his latest offer, who's unsure the next target lives up (or down) to Harry's Code. Meanwhile, an elderly, deathly ill Camilla asks Dexter to kill her, insisting she would never ask a friend to do something against his conscience. Also, Rita discovers that Sylvia believes her husband Miguel has had an affair; and Anton is told he is bait to get at Skinner.
The Damage a Man Can Do

#53 - The Damage a Man Can Do

Season 3, Episode 8, 11/16/2008
Dexter undertakes to teach Miguel the Code, but doesn't realize he's whetting his partner's thirst for blood. Meanwhile, Debra is one step closer to finding the Skinner but a secret revealed about Anton sends him packing.
An Inconvenient Lie

#54 - An Inconvenient Lie

Season 2, Episode 3, 10/14/2007
Dexter sets his sights on a new victim: a murderer so repulsive it seems only fitting that he's a used-car salesman. Dexter's been unable to lie to Rita about his midnight activities, which has her thinking that he's a drug addict. She's threatened to leave him if he doesn't commit to a 12-step program to deal with his supposed addiction. While in this recovery, though, Dexter meets a sexy, mysterious woman named Lila.
Shrink Wrap

#55 - Shrink Wrap

Season 1, Episode 8, 11/19/2006
Dexter appears to be connected to a psychiatrist suspected of murdering a suicidal patient.

#56 - Dexter

Season 1, Episode 1, 10/1/2006
Dexter Morgan, a Miami Metro Police Department blood spatter analyst, is living a double life. After his day job with the police department, Dexter moonlights as a serial killer, hunting and killing criminals who slip through the justice system. Dexter's sister, Debra, a vice squad officer, pulls Dexter into her world when another serial killer is killing prostitutes and leaving their bloodless bodies dismembered in various locations around Miami. Meanwhile, Dexter hunts a man who made snuff videos and killed a mother of two.
That Night, a Forest Grew

#57 - That Night, a Forest Grew

Season 2, Episode 7, 11/11/2007
Dexter manages to get Doakes off his back. He devises a plan to get the police in another direction. Lila and Dex's relationship intensifies, and he has some interaction with Rita and the kids.
Remains to Be Seen

#58 - Remains to Be Seen

Season 4, Episode 2, 10/4/2009
Suffering from amnesia following his car crash, Dexter begins searching for Benny Gomez' lost body, with a helping hand from Harry. Meanwhile, Debra struggles with the return of her former lover while Quinn tries to juggle his personal and work life. Meanwhile, Trinity begins stalking his next chosen victim.
A Horse of a Different Color

#59 - A Horse of a Different Color

Season 6, Episode 4, 10/23/2011
Much to his own surprise, an emergency with Harrison and a new tableau from Gellar and Travis has Dexter leaning on Brother Sam and an unexpected winged messenger for support as he questions the idea of faith; with proof of a religiously motivated killer, Homicide hunts for a zealot, with Debra giving her first official press conference.
Just Let Go

#60 - Just Let Go

Season 6, Episode 6, 11/6/2011
Dexter is caught up in a very personal case that awakens the needs of his Dark Passenger; Debra feels overwhelmed by her new Lieutenant duties, made all the more complicated when she finds out Quinn slept with a witness in the Doomsday case.
Let's Give the Boy a Hand

#61 - Let's Give the Boy a Hand

Season 1, Episode 4, 10/22/2006
The Ice Truck Killer leaves severed body parts from his victims at locations that are linked to memories from Dexter's troubled childhood, which begins to get into Dexter's head.
Get Gellar

#62 - Get Gellar

Season 6, Episode 9, 11/27/2011
Dexter receives help from an unexpected source while hunting the Doomsday Killers and staying one step ahead of Homicide; Debra discovers something new about herself in therapy.
Do You See What I See?

#63 - Do You See What I See?

Season 7, Episode 11, 12/9/2012
It's Christmas time, and Debra learns it may be better to receive when she gets a tip from Hannah's father... one that could lead to incriminating Dexter in a crime. Meanwhile, Dexter discovers that the man behind his mother's death has been released from prison.
Slack Tide

#64 - Slack Tide

Season 4, Episode 7, 11/8/2009
Dexter finds himself enjoying a brief moment of tranquility. He's finally managed to strike a balance between work, family... and other pursuits. But he's keenly aware that times like these aren't meant to last. When Miami Metro discovers a string of murders connected to a prominent photographer, Dexter sees an opportunity for a clean kill. However, his plans seem to be thwarted every step of the way. Quinn has taken a renewed interest in Dexter's nightlife. Dexter's plans to keep Astor and Cody distracted with new activities soon backfire. Even Harry disapproves of Dexter's choice of pastime, urging him instead to focus his efforts on the Trinity Killer. Meanwhile, Debra returns to work, frustrated to find everyone treating her with kid gloves. She decides to concentrate on her pursuit of the Trinity Killer as well as delving into her father's checkered past - investigations which Dexter fears might lead her to danger - or worse, the truth.

#65 - Argentina

Season 7, Episode 8, 11/18/2012
Fresh out of jail, Isaak renews his pursuit of Dexter while Quinn continues his power struggle with the Koshkas. Dexter tries to keep Debra in the dark about his relationship with Hannah, but a surprise visit from Astor, Cody and Harrison throws a wrench into his plans.
Practically Perfect

#66 - Practically Perfect

Season 5, Episode 3, 10/10/2010
Dexter hires a nanny; Debra is annoyed with her new partner; Quinn continues to investigate Rita's murder.
There's Something About Harry

#67 - There's Something About Harry

Season 2, Episode 10, 12/2/2007
Doakes follows Dexter to his next crime scene and shocks him with a revelation about Harry. The Bay Harbor Butcher task force feels they are zeroing in on their man.
Beauty and the Beast

#68 - Beauty and the Beast

Season 5, Episode 4, 10/17/2010
Dexter must save a life; Deb has a confrontation with a key suspect; Quinn follows up on the similarities between Dexter and Kyle Butler.
Return to Sender

#69 - Return to Sender

Season 1, Episode 6, 11/5/2006
The Ice Truck Killer leaves a clue at the scene where Dexter has dispatched his latest victim, and Dexter is worried that someone might have witnessed his killing. Rita is trying to deal with her ex-husband.
Road Kill

#70 - Road Kill

Season 4, Episode 8, 11/15/2009
Dexter has always known his father’s Code was meant to protect him from exposure. But after committing a serious mistake, he wonders if it could have been designed to protect him from something even more dangerous – human emotion. When he discovers that Trinity is planning an out-of-town trip, Dexter sees an opportunity to ride along and gain insight into the mind of a fellow monster.
If I Had a Hammer

#71 - If I Had a Hammer

Season 4, Episode 6, 11/1/2009
Dexter knows it’s only a matter of time before Miami Metro discovers the Trinity Killer’s latest handiwork. Therefore, he has to work doubly hard to stay one step ahead of their investigation. Dexter has begun to realize that the closer he gets to Trinity, the more he stands to learn from this very different beast. Trinity hides behind a well-kept mask, and getting behind that facade will require some extra prodding on Dexter’s part. Meanwhile, Debra becomes frustrated when she finds herself shut out from her own case. She considers bending the rules in the name of justice, risking her career in the process. LaGuerta and Batista come to regret a major decision, and realize that by playing by the rules they may have painted themselves into a corner. And when the friction between Rita and Dexter comes to a head, Dexter gleans relationship advice from a most unlikely source.
I Had a Dream

#72 - I Had a Dream

Season 3, Episode 11, 12/7/2008
While preparing for his big wedding day, Dexter has to figure out a way to remove Miguel from his life for good. In the meantime, Rita has troubles of her own, when Syl reveals that Miguel has been seeing one of his old flames. Debra finds a new clue that brings her even closer to catching the Skinner.
Everything is Illumenated

#73 - Everything is Illumenated

Season 5, Episode 6, 10/31/2010
Dexter is drawn into a precarious situation; Batista discovers an interesting lead; Quinn gets information about Dexter from a questionable source.
About Last Night

#74 - About Last Night

Season 3, Episode 9, 11/23/2008
Miguel and Dexter's friendship is impacted when Rita confronts Miguel about his alleged infidelity. Believing Skinner has abducted Anton, Debra pulls out all the stops to find hi
My Bad

#75 - My Bad

Season 5, Episode 1, 9/26/2010
Dexter must make a choice; Quinn stirs up trouble for Dexter but supports Deb.
Left Turn Ahead

#76 - Left Turn Ahead

Season 2, Episode 11, 12/9/2007
Dexter must make a massive decision that will have an effect on all those he holds close. Lila meanwhile is back with a secret to blackmail Dexter.
This is the Way the World Ends

#77 - This is the Way the World Ends

Season 6, Episode 12, 12/18/2011
In the Season 6 finale, Dexter and Homicide race against a lunar eclipse to catch the Doomsday Killers before their final gruesome act; Debra struggles with a new emotional reality.
Seeing Red

#78 - Seeing Red

Season 1, Episode 10, 12/3/2006
The Ice Truck Killer prepares a crime scene for Dexter: a hotel room all covered in his previous victim's blood. But Dexter does not appreciate this gift, because his childhood memories hunt him.
Dirty Harry

#79 - Dirty Harry

Season 4, Episode 5, 10/25/2009
Recent events spur Dexter into his own investigation of the Trinity killer. His motivations are now personal, and the clock is ticking. But the closer Dexter gets, the more he realizes that Trinity is unlike any monster he’s previously encountered. Meanwhile, Debra blames herself for events that were out of her control, and in so doing pushes away those closest to her. As LaGuerta and Batista close in on the Vacation Murderers, Batista realizes he can use Quinn’s relationship with a certain reporter to his advantage. And when Rita discovers a secret Dexter’s been keeping from her, she begins to realize just how little she knows about the man she married.
Teenage Wasteland

#80 - Teenage Wasteland

Season 5, Episode 9, 11/21/2010
Dexter and Lumen hunt for their next victim; Debra uncovers new evidence in the Barrel Girl case
In the Beginning

#81 - In the Beginning

Season 5, Episode 10, 11/28/2010
Homicide uncovers some key evidence linked to one of Dexter's and Lumen's prior victims; Debra identifies two more suspects in the case.
The British Invasion

#82 - The British Invasion

Season 2, Episode 12, 12/16/2007
Lila Tournay finds Sgt. James Doakes imprisoned in an Everglades cabin and learns from him that her object of affection, Dexter Morgan, is the serial killer known as the "Bay Harbor Butcher". She decides to help Dexter and kills Doakes by setting the cabin on fire. Meanwhile, Dexter's sister Debra questions whether her career is more important than her relationship with FBI Special Agent Frank Lundy.
Hop a Freighter

#83 - Hop a Freighter

Season 5, Episode 11, 12/5/2010
Dexter must do damage control; Debra's speculation begins to take shape; Quinn becomes involved in a homicide.
Surprise, Motherfucker!

#84 - Surprise, Motherfucker!

Season 7, Episode 12, 12/16/2012
Dexter must protect himself when LaGuerta closes in on his secret.
Are You...?

#85 - Are You...?

Season 7, Episode 1, 9/30/2012
After witnessing her brother kill Travis Marshall, Debra attempts to reconcile with Dexter while struggling to cover up their involvement with the murder. Meanwhile, Detective Mike Anderson has an unfortunate run-in, Quinn and Batista begin to make amends, and LaGuerta finds evidence that causes her to re-think the closed Bay Harbor Butcher case.
Truth Be Told

#86 - Truth Be Told

Season 1, Episode 11, 12/10/2006
The Ice Truck Killer sets a trap for Dexter by kidnapping someone close to him; Dexter's increasingly odd behavior piques Doakes's interest.
Morning Comes

#87 - Morning Comes

Season 2, Episode 8, 11/18/2007
Dexter is attacked by the man who murdered his mother. Meanwhile, Lila wants to get closer to Dex, and Debra and Lundy close in on the Bay Harbor Butcher.
The Big One

#88 - The Big One

Season 5, Episode 12, 12/12/2010
Dexter's situation grows desperate when he discovers that Lumen's been set up. Despite knowing he's being baited into a trap, Dexter risks everything to make sure he doesn't fall into the same mistake again. In the Barrel Girls case, Debra lets her personal feelings lead her instincts once she concludes that vigilantes are more than just a theory. Quinn finds himself in a troublesome situation, which only Dexter can help him out of.
Take It!

#89 - Take It!

Season 5, Episode 8, 11/14/2010
Dexter and Lumen vet and stalk a violent killer; Debra gets into some unexpected trouble from the fallout of the Santa Muerte case
Resistance is Futile

#90 - Resistance is Futile

Season 2, Episode 9, 11/25/2007
Dexter realizes it won't be easy to end things completely with Lila. Dexter tries to stay ahead of the investigations as the manhunt for the Bay Harbor Butcher intensifies. An enemy of Dexter figures out his secret.
Lost Boys

#91 - Lost Boys

Season 4, Episode 10, 11/29/2009
Dexter finally believes he understands the beast known as Trinity. But when a ten-year old boy goes missing, Dexter is forced to question everything he’s learned up to this point.
Dex Takes a Holiday

#92 - Dex Takes a Holiday

Season 4, Episode 4, 10/18/2009
Dexter gets some much-needed R&R time with Rita and the kids out of town, leading to his stalking of a new victim until he unexpectedly begins to empathize with his target, a cop that murdered her family.
Hungry Man

#93 - Hungry Man

Season 4, Episode 9, 11/22/2009
For most people, Thanksgiving is a time for traditions and family. But for Dexter, it’s an opportunity to get closer to his most dangerous adversary yet. As Dexter gains insight into Arthur’s psychology by studying those closest to him, he finds himself drawn into a bizarre and twisted world.
Born Free

#94 - Born Free

Season 1, Episode 12, 12/17/2006
Dexter figures out who the Ice Truck Killer is, along with a dark secret from his troubled past. Meanwhile, La Guerta is replaced with a new boss and Angel figures out a way how to track the killer while he's still in hospital.
Hello, Dexter Morgan

#95 - Hello, Dexter Morgan

Season 4, Episode 11, 12/6/2009
Miami Metro is just one step away from discovering the identity of the Trinity Killer. And Dexter can't let that happen. Dexter must take drastic action to buy himself time to deal with Trinity in his own fashion. Arthur, who still can't understand why Dexter didn't simply turn him in, begins his own bloody investigation into Kyle Butler.
The Getaway

#96 - The Getaway

Season 4, Episode 12, 12/13/2009
Dexter and Arthur find themselves on a collision course, as Debra unearths a shocking long-hidden truth, Rita admits her marriage to Dexter is troubled, and Batista and LaGuerta face the consequences of an ethics breach.


The worst rated episodes are:
S8E12 - Remember the Monsters? - 5.0
S8E11 - Monkey in a Box - 6.3
S8E10 - Goodbye Miami - 6.4
S8E9 - Make Your Own Kind of Music - 6.9
S8E6 - A Little Reflection - 7.1
S8E7 - Dress Code - 7.2
S8E2 - Every Silver Lining... - 7.2
S8E8 - Are We There Yet? - 7.3
S8E4 - Scar Tissue - 7.3
S8E5 - This Little Piggy - 7.3

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